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​Dr. Tushar Mehta, M.D.​

Nicholas Carter, M.A.​​​

Nital Jethalal, MSc



  • Nital Jethalal, MSc | International Economics & Trade | @PlantBasedEconomics

    • A nutrition economic researcher investigating the impacts of shifts to plant-based diets on food production, health care, the environment and trade.  As a member of the strategic policy team at Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, he helped coordinate Canada’s first national agricultural policy framework.  Nital holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master’s of Science in Economics from Queen’s University.  His Master’s thesis focused on why some trade disputes take longer than others.  He is actively involved in food security and plant-based NGO initiatives in Toronto. Listen to recent podcasts of his: Plant-Based CanadaPlant TrainersActions of Compassion​


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