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Here is a list of excellent resources by our esteemed colleagues in their respective fields.  Each source of information was selected due to their comprehensive and credible use of the scientific literature and application thereof.

Note that we receive no commission for any of the resources presented here, i.e. the books.  Dr. Mehta is on the board of directors of A Well Fed World.

No resource is perfect, even us, but the below groups, books, etc. are some of our favourites.

We are partnered with A Well Fed World, an international hunger relief and food security organization advancing plant-based foods and farming to create a safe, nourished, and climate-friendly future. They have provided funding to help cover some of our costs.  Furthermore, they facilitate donations to us through their website, channeling the full amount of every donation made towards our work.

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Help us do more

To bring about a better future, changemakers need high quality research and analysis from credible sources as the foundation for meaningful, evidence-based progress.  

That's why we created Plant Based Data and made it a free resource for all. 

We have stepwise expansion plans to curate and present the most important data regarding the benefits of plant based foods and their global impact. 

This initiative has been seeded by a small group of dedicated volunteers, but to get to the next level, we need funding to better and broaden our work.

Please consider donating now as an investment in advancing our shared mission and methods. Thank you!

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